The Difference Between Law Firms And A Criminal Defence Lawyer

Choosing between an established law firm and a specialized criminal defence lawyer can be a tough call. 

More so if you’re innocent and set for trial against an influential party. And that’s when an experienced lawyer from a reputed defence law firm can help you out. So, first, let’s understand the difference between law firms and criminal defence lawyers and which one you should go for.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Difference Between Law Firms And Criminal Defence Lawyers

1. Law Firms

A law firm consists of a group of lawyers working on behalf of their clients on legal matters. They can help you in different aspects of decision-making, ranging from crafting business contracts to facilitating real estate transactions. 

Needless to say, the role of a lawyer is the most common in small as well as full-service law firms. 

Lawyers can either be partners or associates, with the latter being salaried employees who can tackle a range of cases and gain specialization with experience. On the other hand, partners are shareholders of the firm, and may be responsible for business by working solo or supervising other associates during cases.

2. Criminal Defence Lawyers

Coming to criminal defence lawyers, they specialize in defending the rights of people charged with criminal activity. Some may be privately retained, while others may be employed by criminal courts.  

Here’s a brief rundown of the functions a criminal defence lawyer has to perform…

  • Review the case and interview the witnesses 
  • Sponsor for the perpetrator at trial and at last
  • Draft, file and argue the appeal
  • Explore all ways to reduce charges for the accused 
  • Improve a case strategy
  • Study case law, decrees, crimes codes, and procedural law
  • Draft, file and argue motions to dismiss and suppress the case

Why You Should Choose A Criminal Defence Lawyer Over A Law Firm

Clearly, opting for someone who specializes in the case you’re charged with is better than opting for a general lawyer. But if you’re still unsure, here are some reasons to choose a criminal defence lawyer over any other legal body.

1. Understanding Of The Judiciary And Proper Court Procedures

Only a professional defence lawyer knows about the intricate working and procedures of the judiciary. Consequently, they will know how to prepare the required paperwork and tackle the legal hurdles that the prosecutor may throw your way. 

2. Relationship With Prosecutors

Experienced defence lawyers tend to develop a good rapport with fellow lawyers and prosecutors. This relationship can work to your advantage as the lawyer may be able to negotiate a better plea deal or an affordable bond.

3. Better Inspection Of Evidence

Only a competent criminal defence lawyer knows how to catch evidence against you and deal with witnesses that may be lying or exaggerating their statements. And apart from prosecutors, experienced defence lawyers also have connections with medical practitioners, expert witnesses, and private investigators. As such, you can enjoy stronger evidence to your defence, thanks to their wide and resourceful network.


That said, a criminal defence lawyer can further help you choose among the plea deal options presented to you. They may even help you decide whether you should go to trial or accept a deal offered by the prosecution. 

For more details, we recommend getting in touch with a reputed defence law firm in your city.