Teen Anger Issues: How to Manage as a Parent?

The phenomenon of teen anger is staggering, and it’s something to worry about. Parents, teachers, counselors, and psychologists agree that teen anger problems are no laughing matter. 

The causes are numerous and varied. It could range from a traumatic experience caused by bullying to poor school performance and lack of motivation or interest in their studies. 

But regardless of the specific cause, parents must know how to address these issues in their teens. The following tips can help parents deal with teen anger issues.

teen anger issues

Understand Your Teen’s Anger

It may be that your teen is angry because they are experiencing a lot of stress in their lives: maybe they have a new school, or they’re dealing with friends who are mean to them, or their parents are fighting.

You must understand what your teen feels to help them manage the situation.

Participate in Physical Activities

You can show your teen that you care to participate in physical activities with them. This can make it easier for the two of you to bond and allow you to help them deal with their anger issues.

Give Them Time Alone

When you get angry, you need time alone to calm down. You need to give your teen some space so they can have some peace time on their own and not feel like they have to deal with your anger all the time!

Take a Time-Out Or Time-In

When you are upset, it is vital to take a step back and get your emotions under control. Grounding yourself and focusing on the present moment can be done in various ways.

You may need to give them some space if your child is in an emotional outburst. You can do this by taking them outside or away from their electronics for a few minutes so that they can calm down and think clearly without distractions.

Creatively Express Angry Feelings

As parents, you should know that our children are compassionate and emotional. It is not uncommon for teens to get angry at their parents for asking them for favors or taking them out of their comfort zone. Teenagers may need help dealing with their emotions, which is natural and healthy.


Teen anger issues are widespread and can be very frustrating and confusing for parents, especially if the teen has been a sweet child their entire life. It’s important to remember that some of the most common ways to deal with anger only sometimes work for teenagers.

Also, remember that being frustrated with your teen is normal, but staying frustrated or getting overly upset can worsen the situation.

As parents, it is your job to guide our children through this challenging phase of their life to help them reach adulthood as well-adjusted individuals.