Unusual Laws Around the World

Weird and unique laws exist in every country, and many of them border on the absurd, while others point out important cultural values. Here’s a look at some of the most unusual laws around the world. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some interesting ones that make you laugh! Let’s start with a bizarre law in Colombia. According to Colombian law, women cannot have sex with anyone but their husband. But this is not true.

Some weird laws exist in many different countries. In Nevada, men must wear trunks that are tight fitting. In some parts of France, butt floss swimsuits are illegal. In Sudan, it’s illegal for women to kiss their own husbands. In Thailand, you must wear underwear at all times. In France, you have to get a permit before photographing rabbits. These weird laws may seem bizarre, but they have an interesting story behind them.

Another strange law in America is the “Chocolate Library” ban in New York City. It’s true that the ban is unenforceable, but it may have saved lives. However, it’s difficult to find these laws in other countries. Usually they’re reported in newspapers, podcasts, or radio shows. Sometimes, they’re even brought up by legislatures to eliminate antiquated laws. Hopefully, these bizarre laws will inspire some more countries to follow suit.

There are many strange laws around the world. For instance, in South Carolina, it’s illegal to beat your wife on the courthouse steps on a Sunday. The reason for this is a local legend. In Australia, destroying currency is illegal. Breaking this law can land you in jail for up to three years. In France, it’s illegal to drink alcohol in a pub after dark. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to flush toilets after 10:00pm.

Another odd law is the prohibition on taking selfies in front of Lord Buddha. Taking selfies in front of the Buddha is illegal and is seen as a slight mistreatment of the Buddhist image. In Australia, kissing is prohibited in public, and in Dubai, kissing is banned. Many tourists have fallen foul of this law in the past. Moreover, some countries prohibit male genital alteration, and some have laws pertaining to the wearing of hats.

Some countries have very unusual laws regarding the wearing of certain clothing. In Thailand, for example, wearing a top is illegal while driving, which is punishable with a fine. Although the law isn’t linked to impaired driving, it’s an interesting concept. Thailand also prohibits going shirtless anywhere but on the beach. So you might be wondering what the big deal with this shirt ordinance is? Well, it’s not so strange if you have ever driven a vehicle without wearing a top.

In some countries, such as Norway, it’s against the law to kill a child by beating him, but it’s not illegal to murder a dead person. Some countries have prohibitions against kissing on train platforms, too. In Budapest, sex is only allowed in the dark. In Seville, it’s illegal to kiss on the train, except for a convicted murderer. Furthermore, in Denmark, it’s illegal to tell your wife she’s ugly, and in France, it’s not even permitted to have sex with the neighbor’s children.

Some countries have laws preventing the wearing of fake mustaches and other facial hair. For example, in Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache during church services. Some states have laws against the wearing of cowhide while in prison. Another law prohibits the wearing of chickens in prison. In Georgia, high heels are illegal in certain places, including ancient monuments. In some places, they can damage a monument or threaten its preservation.

Some countries have strange laws, which can be quite interesting to learn about. In the Philippines, for example, it’s illegal to insult a royal family. It’s punishable by a prison term of three to 15 years. For this crime, a person can also face a fine up to PS200. However, if the crime is committed in another country, it’s a different story. Regardless of the strange laws, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find on your travels.