3 Ways Legal Aid Can Help If You Are Facing Charges

Legal Aid is available for those who do not have access to legal advice by themselves as they are not well enough to afford a lawyer. It not only Aids a person in solving their legal matters but also helps avoid problems that can negatively affect you or your case.

However, it also benefits the government by reducing the number of unsolved issues because a person cannot afford a lawyer to represent them in court. In this article, we will tell you how you can get legal Aid Toronto and in what ways legal assistance can help you.

Legal Aid

Legal advice and information 

It provides free legal advice and information for those facing criminal charges against them. Direct services will provide you with an attorney or a pro-Bono volunteer to help you identify the real issue and guide you regarding your case.

It helps many people by finding a cure to their problems. It involves gathering all the information and looking deep into it to figure out the way out of the problem. There are free webinars, helplines, chat and many sessions to help people understand their legal rights and guide them towards the necessary legal Aid.

Help during trial 

Legal Aid can assist you in finding a lawyer. When a person faces criminal charges and cannot afford legal representation, the federal government authorizes them to do so.

If you face any charges, the system will require you to represent yourself in court for a preliminary trial. In that trial, the judge will decide to either release you from the charge or continue the case trial. If your case goes to trial, you have to have a lawyer on your side to protect you and your legal rights. 

The inability to afford an attorney is the stage where the federal government comes in to help. All you have to do is to apply for legal Aid, and if you pass the eligibility test, you can have legal assistance.

Legal equality, council rights and fair trial 

Legal equality- everyone’s equal in the eyes of the law whether or not  he can afford a lawyer, which means that the law protects everyone equally. It does not discriminate between rich and poor. It provides equal justice and equal protection to everyone.

• Council Rights- assists in council and a lawyer if you cannot afford it.

• Fair trial- a trial that occurs fair and just. It allows you to defend yourself so that you won’t end up in prison or get fined for the charges you didn’t do just because you were economically weak and could not afford an attorney.


The legal Aid system provides people with equal opportunity to protect themselves and their rights. It ensures that everyone gets a fair trial in court and avoids getting an innocent person in prison just because he could not afford a private lawyer. It ensures that every citizen has equal access to justice and that people can rely on the criminal justice system.