5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Spine Healthy And Happy

Everyone develops spinal issues with age, but such problems have become more common in young adults due to poor posture resulting in disc degeneration.

The good thing is people with neck and back issues can avoid surgery if they follow some targeted techniques. Today’s guide highlights simple methods to keep your spine healthy in oakville, which you can try at home or in the office.

With more physical movement and greater attention to the early signs of spinal problems, it’s possible to lead healthier lives for far longer.

5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Spine Healthy And Happy

1. Stretching And Exercising

Patients motivated to maintain proper spinal alignment and health can turn to targeted strengthening and stretching exercises. This often results in pressure relief and provides long-term results when managing spinal pain.

You can also try yoga, provided beginners don’t already have back and neck issues. A trained yoga instructor will help you get maximum benefits from each pose while protecting the spine from further problems.

2. Cut Down On Smoking

Although the adverse health effects of smoking are well documented, many people don’t know that it affects spinal health. This is because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor and reduces blood flow by tightening the blood vessels. 

As a result, the nutrient and oxygen supply to the spine decreases, increasing the chances of inflammation and degrading the spine.

3. Healthy Diet

To maintain a healthy weight and reduce spinal issues, there are several foods you should avoid, like –

  • Red meat
  • Dairy products that cause inflammation
  • Processed items
  • Refined sugar

Instead, it would be best to consume anti-inflammatory foods, such as low-calorie plant-based items, to prevent excess weight gain. And when you maintain proper weight, it reduces pressure on the spine to promote correct body posture.

4. Get In The Water

If you are already suffering from back issues, it’s time to take a dip in the pool. Swimming or water therapy is important in alleviating back pain, particularly when traditional techniques haven’t worked. 

Water-related activities especially prove beneficial for older individuals with recurring issues by reducing severe discomfort. Moreover, such exercises further increase strength, following which traditional techniques have a greater impact.

5. Stand More Often

Instead of sitting for large parts of the day, make it a point to stand for neutral spine alignment. Standing more often ensures lower spinal stress, so you can use standing desks at work for greater productivity.

Also, sitting on a workout ball proves more beneficial than using a chair because you can engage the core and keep your back erect.


If the problem persists even after trying these techniques, make sure to contact a medical professional so that they can check for sciatica, numbness, or tingling.

It’s also recommended not to exert excess pressure on the spine, so be careful when lifting heavy weights in the gym. The proper way is to bend the knees and keep the back straight while using the legs to generate the power for the lift. 

And at work, keep changing positions, take breaks in between, and remember to stretch at regular intervals. For all other issues, contact a physiotherapy professional today!