THIS Is Your Sign To Switch To Vaping – 5 Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking

There’s no arguing that smoking comes with dire consequences.

Tobacco, when used over a long time, can cause irreversible damage to your lungs, resulting in multiple diseases. But what if we tell you that there is a healthier, much safer alternative to smoking? Yes, you heard us right!

Vaping is less toxic and can be the ideal alternative you’re looking for. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the 5 benefits that give it an edge over smoking. 


5 Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking

1. Better Way To Quit

For most e-cigarettes, you get a range of strength options to choose from. When you can control the strength of your intake, there’s less chance that you will get addicted to nicotine. And this gives you a better shot at reducing your nicotine intake by slowly reducing the nicotine strength of your vape. That way, it will satisfy your craving and also reduce your overall intake over time. 

2. Significantly Less Health Impacts

While there is plenty of misinformation on this topic, vaping is a lot better than smoking when it comes to health impacts. And because it is easier to quit vaping, there’s an extra tick on the benefits list. 

Also, e-liquids contain far fewer harmful chemicals than what’s present in cigarette smoke.  

3. Not As Harmful As Cigarette Smoke

Studies indicate that the vapour you release when smoking e-cigarettes breaks down within a span of a few seconds. So, even if you are in a poorly ventilated room, the smoke won’t leave you feeling claustrophobic. 

However, cigarette smoke is difficult to break down and can hang in the air for as long as 30 minutes! 

4. Vape Can Be Used In Most Places

While most states do not allow people to smoke cigarettes in closed indoor spaces, it is not the case with e-cigarettes.

It’s true that a lot of private companies still club tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes together. But the chances are that you will not be required to step outside in the near future when vaping.  

5. More Flavors

Unlike people who smoke tobacco, users of e-cigarettes have access to more flavour options. With many states banning the use of flavoured tobacco, the options for users have gone further down. 

But when it comes to vape flavours, there’s everything from fruit to candy and even coffee. It’s safe to say that there’s something for every taste preference, no matter how unique it is.

Final Words

Now that you know how vaping is more advantageous than smoking, we hope you will make a smarter choice. 

Even if you are a vape user and want to quit, you do not need to go cold turkey. Many vapers use a combination approach of using vape and tobacco together. This helps them reduce dependency on either, making it much easier to quit both. So, get a vape and see what’s in it for you!