Are Gift Baskets Right for Your Customers This Christmas?

One reason the Christmas seasons are always exciting is the expectation of gifts. Even customers start to anticipate a token of appreciation for their patronage. That is why we see gift baskets and hampers of different sizes flying around Ontario this season. Businesses use them to strengthen customer ratings, and increase loyalty and sales. As cliche as this gift style is, it is still among the best corporate Christmas gifts. Many companies reject gift cards and other gift types. But everyone appreciates gift baskets or hampers. Online delivery services have made it extremely convenient to send gift baskets around Toronto, Ontario. 

Are Gift Baskets Right for Your Customers This Christmas?

Here are the top 4 reasons why they are a great way to show appreciation to your customers this Christmas:

1. They are easily brandable

Whatever gift you send to your customers this season should represent your brand without limiting the gift’s value. A hamper or gift basket makes it easy to achieve this. You can easily customize the gift basket. Just include something of your brand inside, such as, a branded mug or drink ware. Whether it’s a key ring carrying your logo, a coffee mug, or any small item, these can go into gift baskets easily. 

2. They are an opportunity for inexpensive advertising 

A well-placed and beautiful gift basket carrying your brand logo is a great idea. It can become an inexpensive advert for your company. Nowadays, people would take pictures of anything they find remarkable and post them on social media. If they do this to the gift basket you send to them, that unpaid advertising for you. They are indirectly recommending you to family and friends on their social media.

3. Gift baskets are convenient and easy to send

The Christmas and end-of-year holiday seasons are always busy periods for everyone. Planning and buying gifts can take a lot of time, which you can save for other things. Online gift shops will have various gift baskets, allowing you to choose without too much stress. You will also find baskets for different budgets. All you will need to do is provide the recipient’s details and your budget. The company will handle the rest.

4. Gift baskets are meant to be shared

They are great for family or a team because you don’t have to buy a single gift for everyone. A gift basket usually contains a unique variety of items you may never find individually in the supermarket or grocery store. It is difficult to go wrong with it because there is always something in it that the recipients would love. 

Final thought

In addition, if you don’t know the customer too well, a gift basket is the perfect gift. As mentioned, there is always something in it for everyone. And there is always something or more than a few things the recipient will love and be thankful to receive. Giving gift baskets as corporate gifts during the Christmas season is one sure way to show appreciation, foster loyalty, and increase customer ratings for your business.