The Importance of Client Testimonials When Sizing Up Criminal Defence Law Firms

Many people usually read users’ reviews before deciding to buy a product. What other people have to say about a particular product or service is extremely helpful and contributes to good buying decisions for the reader. That is why many criminal defense law firms now include client testimonials on their websites. For lawyers, it helps them develop a good reputation and adds to their credibility. For the client, it offers several benefits, which we discuss in this post.

client testimonials

Major benefits of reading client reviews before hiring a criminal defense law firm

1. Understand what the law firm or lawyer is really like

You can learn what it is like working with a lawyer through other people’s testimonials. That is because, through this medium, people communicate their personal feelings and impressions about the lawyer or firm. For example, the person may describe the lawyer as aggressive in court yet friendly and approachable in person. The firm might not communicate such an impression on its websites. Only someone who has dealt with them can truly describe them in such a manner. When looking for a criminal attorney to defend you, remember that you will be working with this person throughout the case. In some ways, they will be your confidante, and you will have to trust them completely. Therefore, getting a sense of whom the lawyer is as a person is essential. Past client reviews are a great way to achieve this.

2. Confirms the lawyer’s experience 

If you are considering a law firm, reading about their expertise and experience online is good. But checking out their past client testimonials gives further confirmation if they are the right choice. Through testimonials, you get to confirm what the law firm claims to be capable of helping with. It is an opportunity to see the type of people they have worked with in the past. Young, older people, those in rural areas, or city people. The firm inspires more confidence if they have worked with various kinds of clients in the past. It indicates broad experience and skills. 

3. Helps you make the right choice

Your decision-making is greatly improved by hearing what a law firm is like from a third-party source. You are not simply taking the lawyer’s words but also considering other people’s experiences with the lawyer. If they have handled a client like you or someone living near you, your confidence in such a firm increases if the outcome is good. These testimonials are the same as word of mouth and are among the best ways to choose a good lawyer. If the testimonials are mostly good, you can rest assured that the lawyer is good at what they do. You will reconsider your choice if there are more bad comments than good ones.

As we have shown, reading client testimonials before hiring a law firm is greatly beneficial. Not only will you find these on the firms’ websites, but independent sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google search, etc., are places to look up a lawyer and find out what past clients say about them.