Why Do I Overeat When I’m Depressed?

‘Why Do I Overeat When I’m Depressed?’ – is a question many people struggle with and can often lead to unhealthy habits, damaging the body and life in the long run.

Eating when stressed can be a way of managing intense emotions or finding comfort in food but understanding why it happens is the first step towards breaking this destructive cycle.

This blog post breaks down some of the key driving factors behind overeating while feeling depressed and provides insight into how to overcome it. So, keep reading on!

Overeating Out of Depression

Overeating when feeling down is an all-too-common problem that people struggle with daily. It can be difficult to break out of this pattern as we seek comfort from our emotional problems through eating, temporarily numbing these feelings.

To find a healthy way to cope and prevent overeating during such times, it’s important to understand what lies underneath this behavior.

Causes of Overeating While Depressed

There are several potential causes as to why someone might overeat when they’re feeling low. Firstly, it could be a form of self-medication; emotional pain can sometimes mean food becomes like medicine for us as it temporarily alleviates our discomfort.

Another reason could be boredom, especially during the pandemic, where physical activities were limited, causing us to feel sluggish or stuck in an emotional slump which could result in overeating.

Lastly, another factor contributing to overeating while depressed could be lack of sleep which tends to make one crave sugary or fatty foods more than usual, resulting in consuming processed snacks or meals higher in calories instead of healthier alternatives.

Coping Strategies

Once you understand the psychological dynamics that lead us into compulsive eating behaviors while experiencing depression, we can start taking steps towards becoming healthier eaters – even when under emotional strain:

  • Keep yourself distracted by engaging in activities that take your mind away from food, such as reading a book or hobbies like drawing and crafting.
  • Ensure you’re getting enough sleep by creating a consistent morning routine and avoiding consuming caffeine late at night before bedtime.
  • Connect with others virtually or socially distance interact with friends, so you don’t feel lonely, often leading to unhealthy habits like over-eating.


Overeating, when depressed is far too common; however, understanding the underlying cause can help us break free from this downward spiral. 

By implementing simple strategies such as distracting ourselves from cravings and building supportive relationships with individuals around us, we’ll have better control over our emotions – no matter how deeply poignant they may feel. 

If your efforts aren’t improving your condition over time, seeking online counseling services help would also be beneficial for managing mental health issues.